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Doctor Xantu Kii, CyMarL and the androids

This is a supplementary volume of the Encyclopedia Galactica which documents the life of Doctor Xantu Kii with emphasis on the androids and CyMarL. This book covers some little known information regarding CyMarL's relocation to Mars rather than setting up on Earth as originally planned. A lot of the information herein is not available elsewhere, at least not in any sort of organized fashion. The impact of CyMarL, Doctor Kii and her androids, on human history is inestimable, many feel that without CyMarL, humanity would have slipped back into barbarism (detractors claim it did and no one noticed).

As any student of Robotics knows, Doctor Kii is considered to be the foremost designer of androids. Her androids are the only ones capable of true human behavior.

Doctor Xantu Kii by ANMessent
Table of Contents (Chapters are added as they are deemed ready for publication)
Chapter 2      Kii gets an Email
Chapter 6      Total Destruction
Chapter 7      Lola and Jarrel get to Mars

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