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These stories all deal with people, places and events in the Dragoman universe. This collection of stories is one of our most popular series and is constantly being expanded. From science fiction to romantic science fiction, we bring you the best there is.

All stories are in PDF format. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader (or comparable software) installed in order to access these stories.

[ The Case for According Full Rights of Citizenship to the CyMarL 944 Android
(a report presented to the Dragoman Senate by Senators
Jasmine Uallas and Maximilian Torr)
NEW by ANMessent This document from the archives on Dragoman, presents some background information on the CyMarL 944 that may not be known by the reader. The 944 was accorded full citizenship after a lengthy battle in the Dragoman Senate. No one has regretted the descision.
Note: After granting the right of citizenship to the CyMarL 944, a small number of Dragoman citizens came forward, announcing that they were in fact, androids.

This report is now available from Amazon.

[ The Dragoman Chronicles, supplemental - E'edeni and the Flame system ]
NEW by ANMessent This book of the Chronicles was written by ANMessent and is based on information given to him by M'eKii, Miranda and Russell Cameron, and Ship, all from the planet E'edeni in the Flame system. He also has to acknowledge the invaluable assistance given him by scout ship Tanya of Republic Defense (Dragoman) and Liliana Underwood and Steve Kenyon of E'edeni Broadcasting Ltd. Without their help this volume would not have been possible.
[ The Dragoman Chronicles, supplemental - Doctor Xantu Kii, CyMarL and the androids ]
NEW by ANMessent Doctor Xantu Kii, CyMarL and the androids are the focus of this supplemental volume of The Dragoman Chronicles, which documents Doctor Xantu Kii's life from University through CyMarL's early history. Doctor Kii and CyMarL had a profound impact on every world they came into contact with. No student of Galactic history can afford to miss this volume and the events documented herein.
[ The Dragoman Chronicle, supplemental - Lola chapter 1 ]
recent by ANMessent This is the first chapter of a story about revenge, involving a prostitute and her pimp, help from an unexpected source and redemption. Lola is no ordinary prostitute, she is a highly advanced android, brought to Dragoman by her owner, Deke. Deke has a problem with authority as a consequence drifted out to the rim where the law is almost non-existent. The rim is the limit of human interstellar habitation. On the rim world, Deke uses Lola's talents to finance his drug habit.

This first chapter is now available from Amazon.

[ Elle ]
NEW by Nicola Strange This romantic science fiction story takes place on a starship and involves the meeting of two people, Elle and Maximillian, from vastly differing backgrounds. Elle is young and sexually liberated, but is convinced that there must be a 'real' reason for having sex, but she can't think what it could be. She unsuccessfully searches for answers, finally turning to the one person she thinks may be able to help her, Maximillian.
Includes some sex and sexual references.

This story is now available from Amazon.

[ The Dragoman Chronicles book 1 ]
by Dr. R. Chalon


Mira Tremain was a member of the original survey mission on Dragoman. She was lost, presumed dead during that turbulent time, but as Doctor Chalon shows us, that assumption was based in fiction rather than fact.
[ The Dragoman Chronicles book 2 ]
by Lilian Clark


This book of the Chronicles covers the life of First Citizen Solia Morningstar during that most turbulent time in Dragoman history. Unfortunately the original manuscript was lost (or destroyed) during that troubled period. A team of researchers under the leadership of Dragoman's chief archaeologist, Mira Tremain, are laboring to piece together what they can of the original document from fragments that have been recovered. Mira Tremain is able to fill in some of the gaps from her own personal experiences, but there are still many missing pieces that require painstaking research. Sections of the story will be posted as they are deemed ready for publication.
[ The Dragoman Chronicles, Yyg ]
by ANMessent This book of the Chronicle documents the experiences of the GM (Genetically Modified) Dragoman native, Yyg Chalon. Ms Chalon is the daughter of one of the first settlers on Dragoman, Jasmine Chalon, who was adopted by Dr. R. Chalon. As any student of history knows, Yyg Chalon was instrumental in facilitating the removal of the Conglomerate's domination of Dragoman.

This book is now available from Amazon.

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