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The Dragoman Chronicles supplemental - E'edeni and the Flame system

This book of the Chronicles was written by ANMessent and is based on information given to him by M'eKii, Miranda and Russell Cameron and Ship, all from the planet E'edeni in the Flame system. He would also like to acknowledge the invaluable assistance given him by scout ship Tanya of Republic Defense (Dragoman) and Liliana Underwood and Steve Kenyon of E'edeni Broadcasting Ltd. As this tale unfolds it will become apparent that the single, most important event in android history happened on E'edeni in the Flame system, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves.
E'edeni and the Flame system by ANMessent
Table of Contents
E'edeni 1 a      Crash Landing
E'edeni 1 b      The Gathering
E'edeni 1 c      The Station
E'edeni 1 d      The Aftermath
E'edeni 2      Rescue

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