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Our collection of stories is constantly expanding, with new stories, authors and artists being added. From fiction to Romantic fiction to SciFi to romantic SciFi, we bring you the best there is.

All stories are in PDF format. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader (or comparable software) installed in order to access these stories.

[ Mae ] -- 2200 words
NEW by Nicola Strange At 64 Nicolas feels his life winding down but a chance meeting with Mae, 35, who feels the same, rekindles something in them both. When asked if she is one of the characters in this story, Nicola vehemently denied it saying 'there's no way I'm a 64 year old man'.
There is mention of sex and naughty words but nothing too explicit.

This story is now available from Amazon.

[ Inspiration ] -- 3200 words
NEW by Nicola Strange Eve reaches a turning point in her life. She has fame, fortune and a life others would die for, but finds herself questioning it all. She's walking a lonely road when help comes from an unexpected source.

This story is now available from Amazon.

[ Pioneers ] -- 1200 words

NEW by ANMessent This is a funny, tit-illating story, since it does show a nipple. (ha ha ha : editor) An over-active imagination is what prompted this little story. Andrew said he'll try to control it but sometimes he just has to let it out by itself.

This story is now available from Amazon.

[ Creationism ] -- 600 words
NEW by ANMessent Dr. Vera-Vera has arrived at a startling theory regarding the origin of the Universe, something that is going to throw the Big Bangers into disarray.

This story is now available from Amazon.

[ Paxton Andrews on Vietnam ] -- 100 words
NEW by unknown This is a quote from Paxton Andrews, after she left Vietnam. For those who don't know, Paxton Andrews is a character in the movie 'Message from Nam'. She is a news reporter. I spent a year in Vietnam and got to know the country and the people. This quote sums up my feelings about Vietnam, it makes it all 'real' once more, the way it should be.
[ Jock and Sasha ] -- 1000 words
NEW by Nicola Strange This little story is about two characters Jock and Sasha, but it's not what it seems to be... or does it seem to be what it's not?
A little sex and coarse, explicit language.

This story is now available from Amazon.

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