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Welcome to Parallel World's news page. This page is intended to announce new stories, but if anyone comes across anything they feel may be of interest to our readers, please send it to me, editor at Parallel Worlds, in an email.
No Attachments please, paste it into the body of your email, as text!

25 Jan 2016      In time for Valentines day, Andrew has just published a collection of seven romantic short stories!
They are now available on Amazon:
The Day After Valentine's Day edited by Andrew

Nicola Strange has also reformatted the collection of erotic short stories entitled "Working Girl". These stories are about those unsung heroines of love's temple, the prostitute and the men who love them.
The collection is available from Amazon here:
Working Girl

2 Aug 2015      Andrew has just added a 'Short Story collection' section to his Mac/OpenOffice to Kindle tutorial. He shows how to avoid having multiple copies of source material, even when it's available in multiple documents.
15 Nov 2014      Nicola has just published a new story, 'Buckyballs', on Amazon. It's a story about a university Chemistry major and her Professor, but this isn't the usual 'seduce the professor for an A story', Professor Selenius expects much-much more from his students, especially the 'gifted' ones.
This story is now available on Amazon:
Buckyballs - an erotic take on the Professor/student relationship.
18 May 2014      The new book, 'War Stories', a collaboration between Andrew and Nicola, has now been published on Amazon. War Stories is a collection of interwoven tales - taking place during and after the Vietnam war. Obviously this is not a 'normal take' on the Vietnam War, but deals with the sensual side. Andrew has been working on this story for years, and with Nicola's help it has finally seen the light of day.
This book is now available on Amazon:
War Stories - an erotic collection of tales about Vietnam
4 May 2014      Nicola has broken the log jam and has published a brand new erotic short story entitled 'The Club' which is about an anything-goes sex club, and is available from Amazon singly, or as part of our latest anthology. The anthology pulls together twelve short stories, making them available at a bargain price. Parallel Worlds Press has also released an additional anthology entitled 'Milk Maids' which gathers together all of their published stories in which lactation plays a prominent part.
These publications are now available on Amazon:
The Club - an erotic short story
Erotica for the Thinking Man (and Woman) 4 - a collection of erotic short stories
Milk Maids - a collection of erotic short stories
2 January 2014      Nicola has published a brand new erotic short story entitled 'Maya' which is available in 'Working Girl', the new anthology of erotic short stories in praise of prostitutes. 'Working Girl' is a compilation of erotic short stories about those unsung heroines of love's hallow'd temple (thank you John Donne), the prostitute and the men who love them. Nicola has always thought that prostitutes don't get the credit they deserve, so in these stories she has tried to show their human side.
Some of these stories are gathered together from earlier volumes of Erotica for the Thinking Man (and Woman) and some are brand new and unpublished.
'Working Girl' is now available on Amazon at:
Working Girl - a collection of erotic short stories
28 December 2013      Lovely Nicola has submitted a new, erotic short story to Parallel Worlds Press. Beckie is a convicted murderer serving a life sentence and Nicolas is the prison shrink. The prison has just constructed a large, modern facility to house inmates in a revolutionary program designed to integrate them back into society. The question is, will any of the inmates want to leave?
'Beckie' is now available on Amazon at:
Beckie - an erotic short story
23 December 2013      Our very own, very talented, Nicola Strange has just published a new story on Parallel Worlds Press. This story involves saline infusion, practiced by some for the erotic thrill. Nicola stresses that she doesn't practice saline infusion, it is a medical procedure after all. Nicola says 'Salinity' is a counter-point to 'For Daddy', which is available here. 'Salinity' is now available on Amazon at:
Salinity - an erotic short story
21 October 2013      Due to popular demand Nicola now has a page on Parallel Worlds. You may find her at: a brief biography of Nicola Strange

Note: Nicola has included a more detailed bio in a collection of romantic short stories edited by Andrew and available on Amazon: The Day After Valentine's Day edited by Andrew

29 September 2013      Nicola has graced us with another new short story entitled Friends, a story about two young women and a life changing event (the rape of one of the friends). This story doesn't deal with the event, but instead focuses on the aftermath. If this story has a message, it is about how resilient human beings are.
Friends - an erotic short story
5 September 2013      I have been remiss in updating this page. Nicola Strange has been a very busy lady and has had seven new stories published, mostly on Amazon, they are:
The Business Plan - an erotic short story - Nicola's father could never have imagined what Nicola and her college friends had in store for him when they asked for his help creating a business plan. He approached the task with the best of intentions, but soon realized that Nicola and her friends had other ideas.
Annette - an erotic short story - Nicolas was taking the bus into town when he met Annette, a young, single, mother. Other than her baby, Annette is alone. Nicolas is retired, in good physical condition and is also alone. After that chance meeting, their lives will never be the same.
Remission - an erotic short story - Annette's father has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but nothing could prepare him for the help his daughter was going to give him.
The Gift - an erotic novella - Ever since her mother remarried, Felicity has felt like a square peg in a round hole. Then there was her new step-father, fifteen years younger than her mother. Felicity knew it was going to cause problems, but even she could never have imagined the upheaval heading her way.
Three's Company - an erotic short story - Lewis was in the bar, he just wants some female company. Elle was in the same bar, also looking for some company. Never in a million years could Elle's partner, Abi, have guessed the consequences of dropping her at the bar, and it's not what you think!
His Own Girl - an erotic short story - Tammy and Ken had been trying for a baby for years, then an opportunity presented itself to Tammy. It's going to mean a radical change in her life, and that's before she ever gets pregnant!
For Daddy - an erotic short story -- this story is on Literotica and thus free to all...
When Nicola arrived home early from work and found her step-father watching an amateur porn video, one that she had made and posted on the Internet, she knew that things would never be the same. When she posted the video she had no idea that he would be attracted by the same sexual preferences. Life is now a whole new ball game.
14 June 2013      I have written this document in order to help people publish ebooks for the Kindle using a Mac. This tutorial takes you through the process, start to finish.
Formatting for Kindle on a Mac, a Tutorial
1 June 2013      Most of the stories that were available on the Parallel Worlds website have been moved to Amazon. The publishing house is called Parallel Worlds Press and Amazon will be handling the marketing side of the operation. This change will give Andrew more time to devote to writing and will allow faster turn-around and publication of a new story.
21 May 2013      The long-awaited novella, E'edeni and the Flame system is now available in its entirety on Amazon. Here's the blurb from Amazon:
Russell was a mercenary hired by the ruthless Interstellar Industrial Conglomerate (IIC) to help 'cleanse' the planet E'edeni of its inhabitants. Russell didn't like the job, but so far he had been able to ignore his conscience. Then his scout-ship crash-landed and he found himself at the mercy of the charismatic leader of the planet's resistance. Russell's military training and experience prepared him for any foe, but what he encountered on E'edeni overwhelmed him as as easily as his ship had been overwhelmed. He was well versed in every form of armed and unarmed combat, but was defenseless when faced with her onslaught...

Click here to be taken to the story on Amazon:
The Dragoman Chronicles, supplemental - E'edeni and the Flame system
14 December 2012      Andrew has added a new chapter entitled The Aftermath to the Dragoman Chronicles supplemental volume entitled E'edeni and the Flame system. He has assured us that there is much more to follow.
24 November 2012      We have added some reader enhancements to the Parallel Worlds website, including adding a background image to all of the pages. Page width has been increased, but still limited, in order to make reading the pages a more enjoyable experience. It's simply easier to read. Fonts can also be scaled with no loss of content or unexpected page rendering.
9 November 2012      ANMessent has added the first few chapters of the new supplemental volume entitled E'edeni and the Flame system. He has more chapters to add but they need a little revision first. Follow this link to read the story:'edeniStory/index.html.
21 October 2012      ANMessent has renamed chapter 6, The Destruction of Earth to Total Destruction and moved it to a new web page for the Doctor Kii story. He has also added two new chapters 2 and 7, entitled Kii Gets an Email and Lola and Jarrell get to Mars. He is working on 7 additional chapters. Follow this link to read the story:
19 October 2012      The Parallel Worlds website has been revamped using new graphics, colors and a reorganization of material. The new page design reflects our 'Parallel Worlds' philosophy.
We have also started using watermarked stationary for our stories, and have tried to make it unobtrusive, while still providing added security to our authors.
17 October 2012      We don't usually cover movies but decided to make an exception for this one.
I'm sure everyone remembers the movie Dune and how it never lived up to the expectations raised by the book. There is now a Fanedit of Dune that is really very good, and in my opinion is the movie they should have released. Entitled Dune The Alternative Edition Redux, Spicediver the creator behind this version, has pieced together parts of the various Dune releases as well as other material and has produced what I feel is the story as Frank Herbert intended it. If you search you should be able to find it on the Internet, make sure you get Dune The Alternative Edition Redux V.3.
Cut and paste this link into your browser for more information:
16 October 2012      Nicola Strange has given us another short story to post entitled Mae. Mae is a romantic short story about an Escort Service worker and her client. We feel sure that it will appeal to everyone. There is some mention of sex and the by-products thereof, but it is done as discreetly as possible.
13 September 2012      Nicola Strange has given us a short story to post entitled Elle. Elle is a romantic SciFi story about a sexually liberated girl who knows nothing about sex or even why it's done, and a reluctant older man whom she chooses to educate her. As is often the case things are not quite what they seem.
As always with stories by Nicola, sex isn't the subject of the story, the romance is.
19 October 2011      We have just posted a new story, Pioneers by ANMessent. Pioneers is a short story about a settler to a newly opened planet and has a quirky twist at the end, some may say weird.
23 January 2011      ANMessent has just published two new stories on the Parallel Worlds web site. They are:
The Case for According Full Rights of Citizenship to the CyMarL 944 Android (a report presented to the Dragoman Senate by Senators Jasmine Uallas and Maximilian Torr) - science fiction at its best.

The Destruction of Earth - Lola - More science fiction with the android, Lola

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