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Welcome to the Parallel Worlds web site. This web site is devoted to readers and writers of Fiction, be it General Fiction, Science Romance, Science Fiction or Romance. Fiction can truly be said to encompass Parallel Worlds, limited only by the author's imagination. Here, we present a collection of intriguing, sometimes sensuous stories from some of the country's more innovative writers.
If you would like to comment or enquire about publication rights please send an email with your details to the editor at Parallel Worlds.

news ]
This section of Parallel Worlds deals with news items that may be of interest to our readers. This usually means new stories, but may include other news if it's deemed worthy.

the Dragoman universe ]
This section of Parallel Worlds only deals with SciFi stories whose setting is the Universe that encompasses the planet Dragoman in the Lucifer system. The Dragoman universe is an ongoing project that has evolved, it now has a life of its own. From the androids of CyMarL to the Solarans to M'eKii and the E'edeni home world, here you will find science fiction, adventure, romance and stories that explore people and the situations they find themselves in when the possibilities are unlimited.
All stories are clearly marked as to their content.

stories ]
Works of fiction representing many authors are contained herein. You will find adventure, romance, humor, science fiction and stories that explore our sexuality. Alien worlds, alien suns, aliens and androids mingle with human beings, resulting in sometimes surprising alliances (and dalliances).
All stories are clearly marked as to their content.

An autobiography of Nicola Strange. ]
This is a link to Nicola Strange's autobiography. She has been very open and forthcoming, it makes a fascinating read.

Note: Nicola has included a more detailed bio in a collection of romantic short stories edited by Andrew and available on Amazon:
The Day After Valentine's Day edited by Andrew

Kindle tutorial ]
This is a link to my Mac to Kindle tutorial. Everything you need to know in order to publish on KDP is contained herein. I use this as a reference when I sometimes forget the procedure. I find it very handy.

Copyright Notice

All documents, stories, and artwork presented on this web site are copyrighted. The copyrights are held by the artist or author responsible for the creation of the artwork or story, unless stated otherwise. The stories or artwork may be used for your one-time, personal use, but may not be copied or reproduced in any manner. You may not post them to any other web site or distribute them in any way without the author's prior written permission.
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